About Us

The Old Burians’ Association is the online and real life club for former students of King Edward VI School. It has existed for at least 200 years, and possibly longer. Re-formed after the Great War in 1922, its fortunes have fluctuated, but it currently has a worldwide membership of around 520 former students and staff.


250 Club

  • Set up in 1977 to generate more income for the Association. Monthly, half-yearly and annual prizes can be won.
  • Currently two monthly prizes of £10 are drawn, plus two half-yearly prizes of £50 and an annual prize of £150
  • There are still plenty of numbers available. Each number costs £5 a year. Complete one of the forms and send it to the Club Secretary.

Old Burians’ Charitable Trust

  • Set up in 1997 to provide financial support to Sixth Formers for personal development projects.
  • You can help with a one-off or regular donation, so we can continue to assist generations of students with realistic sums of money.
  • Read more about the Scheme and what recent prizewinners have done as a result of our part-funding.
  • Contact us if you are a student who would like to apply for financial help


  • See what’s being planned for 2022.
  • Events usually include Reunions in both Bury St Edmunds and London, sporting fixtures and a shared Act of Remembrance.
  • Please use the “Contact Us” page to tell us what other events you would like us to arrange, and what help you would be able to offer with the planning.

Old Burian Magazine

  • Published every year around March – sent to new and current members (preferably via email but printed copies can be arranged).
  • Keeps members up to date with news of recent and upcoming events, members and current students.
  • There is something in each and every issue that will be of interest to members of all generations.


King Edward VI School

  • Visit the School’s own web site, so you can see the wide range of activities pursued by the current students (opens in a new tab).
  • Explore the pages there to catch something of the vibrancy of the School, which blends the contemporary with a pride in our long past
  • Check out the latest Twitter messages and YouTube clips.

Did You Know?

"Our 520+ members range in age from 20-somethings to 90-somethings (and occasionally beyond)."
"The bust of our founder (over the School’s Lower Hall doorway) was originally placed at the Vinefields site to mark Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897."
"A former pupil William Young (1822-86) became the adopted son of King George of Tonga."
"A former pupil William Sancroft (1617-93) was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1677 to 1690, until he was sacked by the King!"
"A former pupil Edward Leeds was High Master of the School for 44 years (1663-1707)."
"Pupils were either ‘Royalists’ (lived in Bury) or ‘Foreigners’ (lived outside the town)."
"Students have worshipped at St. James’ Church (now St. Edmundsbury Cathedral) since 1550 as King Edward VI left money for its completion at the same time as founding the school."