Bill Evetts

(at KEGS 1961-1966) writing in 2021

I joined KEGS in 1961, where Bob immediately kept me down a year as I had been sunning myself on the shores of Libya for the previous two years. Things improved and by 1966 I had enough qualifications to take up a position immediately as a conductor on Bury’s buses.

After three years in college (interspersed by two summers hitch-hiking around Europe) I was able to enter the fascinating world of merchant banking and stockbroking, abruptly terminated when the interest rates were raised from 8% to 13% in 1 day (yes, and they went higher!).

Naturally resulting from this, I became a road accountant for a travelling ‘Ice Revue’ in Europe and the Far East, where I had the daunting task of looking after the varying needs of over 100 chorus girls… arduous of course, but in the 70’s, we all had to find work where we could. The experience of dealing with box offices and promoters led to taking up the position of box office manager at the National Exhibition Centre, involving mainly ‘Pop & Rock’ events.

Then down to London, also working in ticketing, before again going on the road, briefly working in Europe, Mexico, South Africa and Russia. My acquisition of a TESOL qualification came too late to be of much use, except occasionally in Tenerife, where I bought an apartment. Finally back to the UK and semi-retirement, dabbling in estate agency (evil people!) and gaining a degree in Economics with the Open University, with which I was not impressed.

Now I am safely retired and largely out of harm’s way, in the wilds of sunny Essex.