The Association has a wide range of photographs and publications, etc., from many stages in the life of the School, and we are beginning the process of adding as many as we can to this section. Keep checking back to see what’s new – and please share your own memories with us, too!

What’s new?

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‘The Burian’ Magazine archive – 1945-1964 now available to read
“Murder in the Cathedral” (1968)
“Amahl and the Night Visitors” (1968)
Sing along to The School Song
“Bob” Elliott’s Photo Album
The end of 400 years of boarding – Mr Elliott’s address (1969)

There is also an extensive set of KEGS photographs and documents collected by Clifford King on his “Flickr” page (some of which also appear here in the Gallery).

We are always keen to collect more. If you have any photographs or documents of your own (not those which have appeared in newspapers or are the work of professionals – we must observe copyright rules), we would love to include them if we can. Please send them to Clifford and we will include them here as soon as possible.

All common types of image files can be accepted. If you are scanning, please use a setting of at least 300 dpi to get a good quality result – even higher if the image you are scanning is smaller than about postcard size. Camera images should be at least 1600 x 1200 pixels if possible. If in doubt, please send them anyway, and Clifford will contact you if there is a problem.

The School Song

The School Song sung by Old Burians at the 2017 Reunion Dinner (Chris Hamel-Cooke at the piano)

All together, now … (the recording begins at the second refrain)

Dulcem juventutis florem
Colimus, et conditorem;
Frugem sapientiae;
Spes adolescentiae.

Rex Edvardus pristinum
Renovavit artium
Liberarum studium,
Scholam Buriensem.

Vite sacra quam regale
Mustum pressit Camenale!
Vitem vitis genuit;
Fructus sempiternus sit!

Rex Edvardus pristinum
Renovavit artium
Liberarum studium,
Scholam Buriensem.

En, alumni, fax honorum
Per manus episcoporum
Perque vatium cita
Tradituris tradita!

Rex Edvardus pristinum
Renovavit artium
Liberarum studium,
Scholam Buriensem.

Anni profluent fugaces;
Mores corruent sequaces;
Maneant per saecula
Dona divinissima!

Floreat quod pristinum
Rex refecit artium
Liberarum studium,
Schola Buriensis!

NEW! – ‘The Burian’ Magazine archive

We are continuing to add more years of ‘The Burian’ magazine to our archive – 1945 to 1964 are now available. Click here to read the magazines (opens in new tab).

The School in 1961-62

We are grateful to Paul Lilly for this digitalised, edited footage from his original cine film taken in 1961-62, which gives a snapshot of school life at the time. The sequence opens with the boarders preparing to leave for the obligatory Sunday morning service at the Cathedral, and goes on to images from a Sports Day and closes with a demonstration of the rope trick – a method of reaching the dormitory/study block without being observed by the Headmaster, the Housemaster or the Prefects on duty!

‘Bob’ Elliott’s Photograph Album

Click here to see Clifford King’s article from “The Old Burian”, 2018

“Amahl and the Night Visitors”

School Dramatic Society production (1968)
Click here
to view the photo album (opens in new tab)

“Murder in the Cathedral”


School Dramatic Society production (1968)
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to view the photo album (opens in new tab)

The end of 400 years of Boarding

Address given by the Headmaster, Mr R W Elliott on the occasion of the final attendance of the boarders
at the Sunday morning Service at the Cathedral (July 6th, 1969).
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Reproduced in the final issue of “The Burian” magazine, October 1969, Mr Elliott’s talk includes some fascinating facts and anecdotes relating to the history of the School. This marked the end of the 400-year-old tradition of boarders attending the Cathedral service (inevitably – it was the end of the boarding house).


We are currently preparing much more material for the Gallery section, and the aim is to organise it into separate categories (Form Photographs, Dramatic Society, Sports, “Burian” Magazines, etc.) which will be appearing over the next few months. The items below have been here for some time but we hope they may still be of interest until we can offer a wider selection.

inside back cover:London reunion