Graham Patterson

(at KEGS 1970-1973) writing in 2019

I was in the first year transitioning from the old Grammar school site. I left at the end of my 3rd year as my family was moving out of the area. I finished my secondary schooling at Esher County Grammar/Esher College in Surrey, then studied Geology at South London College. I spent the next 18 years working as a geological analyst at Reading University. During that time I also studied computing at Farnborough College of Technology, as that was a period of huge developments in computational equipment for analysis and instrument control.

In 1999 I got married to Carla (an American lady) and moved to California. This was probably the last place I would have expected to live. Since then I have been working as a computer systems administrator for the University of California at Berkeley. Probably the most interesting thing about all this is that computing in the 1970’s was limited to mainframe systems, and had a very limited career path. It just wasn’t on my horizon at that time. There was nothing like the ubiquitous tools we have now with processors in everything from children’s toys to weather prediction.