History of the King Edward VI Grammar School sites

The first site of King Edward VI Grammar School in 1550 was a mediaeval Guildhall, The Ancient House, which still stands on the corner of Barn Lane as it joins Eastgate Street. A plaque marking this is to be seen on the front of the house, placed there some years ago by the Old Burians’ Association.

The second home of the King Edward VI Grammar School (from 1665 to 1883) was in Northgate Street (now known as St Michael’s Court). The niche above the front door once housed a bust of the Founder King with a Latin inscription beneath.

The third home of the King Edward VI Grammar School (from 1883 to 1972) was a new building at the Vinefields site which later became St James’s Middle School and St James Court. The photograph on the Home Page shows the Headmaster’s house with other school buildings in the background.

The School’s home since 1973 has been on the Grove Road site formerly occupied by the two Silver Jubilee Secondary Schools. The amalgamation of the three schools took place in 1972. The bust of King Edward VI (a new one made for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897) is now over the inner door to the Lower Hall.

A-level studies are now provided by Abbeygate Sixth Form College, in Beetons Way, which opened in September 2019.