Rememberance Margin
All the former students of the School who gave their lives in the three major conflicts in the twentieth century are commemorated on memorials in the North Aisle of St Edmundsbury Cathedral.

Boer War Memorial photo

Boer War

First World War Memorial


Second World War Memorial


Photo of Adam Drane’s Headstone


Rememberance Margin

The Association has been invited to take part annually in the Remembrance Day commemorative events in the town, and it is proud to do so.

The 2022 Act of Remembrance

On Friday Morning, 11th November, six Old Burians represented the Association at the School’s Remembrance service in the Cathedral. There were about 600 students present! As the pandemic has prevented this event in the last two years, logistics and organisation on the day were a little shaky, but none-the-less, OBA members processed with the Head Girl and Head Boy with poppy crosses. These were placed on the three memorials in the north aisle of the Cathedral as has been our tradition for many decades. It was good to revisit the brass Boer War memorial further down the north aisle towards the west end. It has only four names of students who lost their lives in that conflict, compared with the larger numbers on the stone WW1 and WW2 memorials, but remans important and must not be overlooked.

On Sunday morning, two more members joined Charles Hamel-Cooke and his wife Yvonne at the 10.00 service at The Cathedral. Charles read one of the lessons in the service. Following that, we joined the huge crowd on Angel Hill, where Eric Davey represented the OBA, and laid our wreath on the war memorial with all the forces representatives and various Bury organisations who participated in that ceremony.

The OBA at the 2021 Remembrance Day event

It was wonderful for the Old Burians Association to take part in the services to commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Charles Hamel-Cooke and Adrienne Williams read the lessons during the service in the Cathedral with David Blackmore laying a wreath at the Bury St Edmunds War Memorial and representing us at the reception in the Athenaeum with Eric Davey.