‘The Burian’ Magazine archive

This is “work in progress” on what we hope will be a comprehensive online collection of “The Burian” Magazine, which was published three times a year for about 9 decades. The final edition of the Magazine was dated October 1969, and we have a fairly complete set going back to 1921. Then there is a gap, before the three bound volumes we possess covering the years 1895 (when the new series began) to 1903. There had been an earlier series which ran until 1886, with none from 1887 until 1895; we have no copies from this earlier period.

As well as missing those intervening years, some of the Magazines in our collection are in poor physical condition – if you are able to supply a better copies, or help us to fill the gaps, we shall be very pleased to hear from you.

Click on the month to view the Magazine. Each one will open in a new tab, using your default PDF viewer. Close the tab to come back to this page.