Tony Hurrell

(at KEGS 1962-1969) writing in 2019

I departed KEGS with 3 ‘A’ levels and started work in the Bury Hospital, Path Lab, in July 1969. I completed a Clinical Chemistry HNC in July 1971 and worked in Biochemistry at Bury Hospital until September 1974.

I graduated as an RAF officer in December 1974 and entered pilot training with 23 others in February 1975. Unfortunately, I failed the final “wings” test (only 8 others left by then!) after 125 flying hours and opted to return (too much RAF bulls**t for me to stay in) to ‘civvy’ life in the Biochemistry Dept. at Poole General Hospital in July 1976. Having passed the Institute of MLS professional exams in 1977, I rose through the MLSO ranks, via Sutton Coldfield, becoming a Senior Chief MLSO in Cardiff in 1986. I decided I couldn’t work in Biochemistry for 35 years until retirement and got myself selected for NHS general manager training.

I left the Lab service in 1990, for a development post in the District Health Authority, followed by Acute Services Manager in Abergavenny Hospital from 1991 to 1996. I then managed a GP Total Purchasing Project in Powys until becoming the General Manager (PCG Chief Executive) of Carmarthenshire LHG in 1999. In 2003 following a reorganisation of the NHS in Wales, I was recruited to a senior civil service post with the Welsh Assembly Government Health Department. Based in Carmarthen, I undertook the role of Deputy/Regional Director until 2010 when yet another NHS reorganisation led to early retirement. My wife Jennifer (née Smith – County Grammar School, BSE, 1963 to 1970) and I moved to Sheffield where my elder daughter and two granddaughters live. The first year was spent completely renovating our “forever” bungalow. With our other 3 children (and 4 other grandchildren) living overseas – 2 (2) in Guernsey and 1 (2) in Sydney – and enjoying travelling generally, we get in quite a few ‘air miles’ every year. I also enjoy my weekly PROBUS group, driving a community minibus and gardening.