Trevor Plummer

(at KEGS 1965-1971) writing in 2019

Great days at KEGS that I will not forget ever – infamous biology classes, fantastic geography field trips with Mr Reed and what seemed very exotic trips to Paris, Florence and the Moselle valley with Peter S and the other teachers. Also ‘coming late’ to sport (who was the history teacher, head of Tudor house?) I nearly fell over when I came 4th in the school cross country in year 6, as well as getting hockey and football colours in 6th form. I’ll never forget we played one of the Cambridge colleges on a Saturday. They tried piling us with a huge meal and a beer before the start, which we succumbed to, but we beat them 4-1. They were very ungracious to say the least! I led the 6th form effort to resurrect the tuck shop, which turned into a real money spinner, and remember holding funding request sessions to decide which clubs we would sponsor for the Thursday pm activities.

After school I went to Bristol College and then into building and civil engineering. I enjoyed an early career in Oman, which was very formative, and even built a palace for the Sultan amongst other things. I went on to the UK construction industry for many years, mainly around London, and rose from engineer to director. I have spent the last 10 years in Renewable Energy, all offshore, and I am now on my third project as manager – this one in Scotland. They are fantastic to work on. The scale of things is vast. A good way to move towards retirement? (not yet!) I am married to Lynne, who is a senior teacher at a private boys’ school in London. We have three married daughters and 4 grandchildren. We live in St Albans, where we have been for well over 30 years. Mother still lives in Hargrave near Bury which is where I grew up, and started at Chevington Primary School. Once at KEGS, I still remember the mad dash down to the pub car park from school for the bus – if we missed that, then there was no connection at Grove Road, to get our bus to Hargrave!