Where are they now?

We’ve started adding stories here that have appeared in the “Old Burian” Magazine. So far, we have added those that appeared in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Magazines, but we will be delving back further to bring you more over the coming weeks. Click on a name to read their story (arranged in alphabetical order of surnames).

Where are YOU now?

We’d love to know what you’ve been doing since leaving the school, and so would your friends and classmates. Why not send us YOUR story?
David ALDOUS (at KEGS 1964-1969, 1970-1972)
Rob ANDREWS (formerly Berwyn-Jones) (at KEGS 1960s)
Colin BAILEY (at KEGS 1951-1959)
Robert BAKER (at KEGS 1950-1956)
Tony BENGE (at KEGS 1954-1961)
Derek BRINKLEY (at KEGS 1965-1968)
Gerald BROWN (at KEGS 1965-1972)
Geoffrey CHALLACOMBE (at KEGS 1959-1966)
Ian W COOPER (at KEGS 1964-1972)
Michael CORNISH (at KEGS 1958-1963)
Douglas DEATH (at KEGS 1955-1961)
Brian ELLIS (at KEGS 1948-1953)
Bill EVETTS (at KEGS 1961-1966)
Tony FAIRBAIRN (at KEGS 1959-1963)
Richard FIELD (at KEGS 1957-1963)
Ian FISH (at KEGS 1958-1964)
Dr. David FULLER (at KEGS 1952-1957)
Nick GARNHAM (at KEGS until 1977)
Barry HARBER (at KEGS 1961-1966)
Steve HARRISON (at KEGS 1969-1976)
Chrissy HARROD (Silver Jubilee Girls’, then KEGS)
Dr. Brian R HAZEL (at KEGS 1952-1960)
James HINCHLEY (left KEGS in 1983)
Tony HURRELL (at KEGS 1962-1969)
Montana JACKSON (at KES 2007-2012)
Chris KNIGHT (at KEGS 1953-1961)
Graham MANNING (at KEGS 1959-1966)
Andrew MARTIN (at KEGS 1961-1966)
Michael MARTIN (at KEGS until 1957)
Ian McNAUGHTON (at KEGS 1959-1964)
Malcolm MOORE (at KEGS 1959-1965)
Ivor MURRELL (at KEGS 1955-1960)
Patrick NOBES (teacher at KEGS 1959-1964)
Brian PARTON (at KEGS 1965-1969)
Graham PATTERSON (at KEGS 1970-1973)
Trevor PLUMMER (at KEGS 1965-1971)
Richard RANDLE-BOGGIS (at KEGS 2002-2007)
Rod READ (at KEGS 1955-1960)
Geoff REEVE (at KEGS 1959-1965)
Dr. Roger SIMMONS (at KEGS 1961-1968)
Derek I SMITH (at KEGS 1949-1956)
Richard W STIFF (at KEGS 1969-1976)
Richard T SUGGITT (at KEGS 1965-1972)
Allan J SWEENEY (at KEGS 1961-1966)
Paul TEMPLE (at KEGS 1965-1971)
Nigel TUFFS (at KEGS 1964-1971)
Barry TURNER (at KEGS 1948-1956)
Chris WALING (at KEGS 1983-1987)
Pete WEARN (at KEGS 1956-1963)
Adrienne WILLIAMS (at KEGS 1978-1983)
Adrian WILLSON (at KEGS 1960-1968)